Red Panda – Our Mascot

Stella Luna -- Red Panda


After we saw we could abbreviate our lab to PandA, a panda mascot had to follow, as well as endless panda jokes and puns. Red pandas grace this new version of our website instead of their larger desaturated counterparts, the giant pandas. Given that red pandas are more energetic and do considerably more acting on their environment in a given day than giant pandas, they seem a more appropriate for a lab specialising in action research! The photo on the left by Mark Dumont shows one in action. Giant pandas do certainly get around, but usually at a more measured pace. For those curious about red pandas, this National Geographic page is an excellent start. Sadly, red panders are considered a vulnerable species.

The banner image for our lab is a slightly  modified version of ‘Stella Luna — Red Panda’ by Gary Robertson, an excellent photographer who generously allows his photos to be used free of charge for non-profit purposes. Above we feature his superb original image, and clicking it takes you to his Flickr gallery.

Below we feature a gallery of some of our favourite red panda snaps from other photographers who kindly allow reproduction of their photos. Clicking one takes you to the photographer’s Flickr page. Enjoy!

Pandas Playing

Red Panda Yawn 2

Panda in Tree

Happy Panda

red panda

Red Pandas

Red Panda Almost Falling Down While Sleeping


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