Mitchell Green

mitchellgreenphotoI completed my Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons) at The University of Queensland in 2016.  While completing my honours thesis I was supervised by Associate Professor Mark Nielsen and Dr James Kirby, and I investigated the development of compassion in young children.  Although prosocial behaviour in children has been well researched, compassion as a specific domain has been largely ignored.  My research aimed to better inform our understanding of the area, and to provide a springboard from which future research can continue.

Currently, I am working as a Research Assistant in the PandA Lab where I am examining deixis and ownership in children.  Additionally, I am also working as a Research Assistant in the Developmental Lab where I assist on a number of PhD studies.  After getting a taste of research life for a few months, I eventually aim to begin a PhD within the university and continue my honours research in late 2017.