Luke Welch (Honours Graduate)


Luke’s research in the PandA lab – ‘A Handy Guide to Space and Time: Graspability Bias and Visuo-Tactile Congruency Effects of Tactile Judgements in Peripersonal Space’ – looked at the role of vision and proprioception as bases for body schema. He investigated functionality bias within peripersonal space – a the speeded processing of stimuli on appearing in space beside the actable (palm) side of the hand. In particular, Luke investigated whether this bias was present even when visual features of the hand were absent.

Luke is now in the organisational psychology field, currently working as an organisational development consultant in a behavioural economics team. He directly uses the knowledge and skills learned from the PandA lab to research cognitive bias frameworks to apply in ethical decision making in financial service companies, as well as in applying the latest findings of neuroscience and psychology to the practice of mindfulness at work.


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