Dr Hayley Colman

Update: Hayley has completed her PhD and moved to Spain – congratulations Dr Colman! We will miss you heaps and wish you all the best in this new European chapter of your life!!


I completed my Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland in 2010. Currently, I am completing my PhD in the Perception and Action Lab at the University of Queensland under the supervision of Dr Ada Kritikos and Emeritus Professor Roger Remington.

My research is broadly concerned with investigating how the body influences processing of our immediate environment. Within this I have two major directions of investigation. The first is concerned with investigating how intrinsic representation of the biomechanical capabilities of our primary bodily effectors; the hands, shapes how we selectively process the visual properties of objects near the body (within 30cms). This includes examination of both lower level visual perceptual biases as well as how visuospatial attention is distributed within this space relative to the actable grasping properties of hands. My second direction of research is in investigating how the goals of manual action shape the selective processing of near body objects. That is, how we select which environmental inputs are relevant at a given time, as a function of our action goals. This also includes how the relative location and size of objects in our environment, impact the subsequent trajectory of our actions.

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