Facilities & Equipment

We have two specialised testing rooms in the School of Psychology equipped with Qualisys motion capture cameras. We also have access to the school’s shared lab facilities and IT staff.

Our key technical specialty is motion capture camera systems. Both our systems record movement of passive reflective markers in 3-dimensional space. By placing these markers on key body sites, e.g. fingers and wrist, we can record a variety of human actions. Our experiments mostly involve reach-to-grasp actions. We extract kinematic parameters such as wrist trajectory, wrist acceleration and velocity, and grasp aperture, as well less complex measures such as such as initiation time and movement duration.

Testing Room 1 – McElwain Building (24a), Room 420

  • Qualisys ProReflex motion capture camera system – 3 cameras positioned to record actions of participants seated at a table workspace.
  • LCD Monitor capable of displaying life-size images and films of seated actors.

Testing Room 2 – McElwain Building (24a), Room 420b

Pooled Equipment (shared between the rooms)

  • Asus VG248QE 144Hz 24.0″ Monitor for experiments requiring high precision in stimulus presentation and colour fidelity.
  • LED controller system for presenting light stimuli in action space.
  • High-precision response devices  – parallel port button boxes; gaming keyboard and mouse with 1000 hz polling and ~ 1ms debounce.

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