Dr Ada Kritikos

Dr Ada Kritikos leads the UQ Perception and Action Lab. Ada joined the UQ School of Psychology in 2007 having previously held research positions at the University of Wales and Melbourne University, and an academic position at Victoria University (Melbourne). Her research area is perception and action, specifically the way people modify their motor behaviour to the meaningful social and physical environment. She conducts work on action observation, body representation, joint action and embodied cognition, particularly .

Together with Prof. Virginia Slaughter, Assoc. Prof. Kate Sofronoff, Dr Andrew Bayliss and Ms Jessica Lister, Ada has been researching how embodied ownership manifests in young children. Pilot work shows that embodiment is evident as early as 3 years of age.


Dr Kritikos’ up-to-date publication record can be viewed on her ResearchGate profile.

Dr Kritikos is primary PhD advisor for Sam Sparks and co-supervisor for Mick Zeljko.

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