UQ Early Cognitive Development Centre, School of Psychology, University of Queensland

ecdc collab photo

Professor Virginia Slaughter, Associate Professor Kate Sofronoff, and Dr Kana Imuta collaborate with us in research on the development of the concept of ownership in children. Prof Slaughter also is Sam Sparks’ associate advisor for his PhD.

Bayliss Lab, School of Psychology, University of East Anglia

Dr Andrew Bayliss worked with Dr Kritikos while holding a research fellowship and supervised Dr Merryn Constable. Dr Bayliss continues to collaborate with us on research related to ownership and social cognition.

bayliss lab collab photoandrew photo

Professor Ottmar Lipp, Curtin University

Professor Lipp co-supervised Dr Merryn Constable with Dr Andrew Bayliss, and continues to provide invaluable advice on ongoing projects from his areas of expertise in associative learning, emotion, and attention.


Dr Brenda Ocampo

Dr Ocampo completed her PhD under Dr Kritikos’ supervision and continues to collaborate with the lab.

brenda photo

Emeritus Professor Roger Remington

Professor Remington is Hayley Colman’s associate advisor for her PhD.


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