Dr Brenda Ocampo


After completing a Bachelor of Psychology from Victoria University, I completed my PhD at the University of Queensland under the supervision of Dr Ada Kritikos. I investigated the links between perception and action using motion-capture and fMRI. Specifically, my work explored the role of the ‘mirror system’ in action understanding, as well as how observing others’ actions shapes our own goal-directed behaviour. Following this I held a position at Macquarie University where I investigated nonconscious processing in collaboration with the Perception in Action Lab led by Professor Matthew Finkbeiner. I was particularly interested in the extent to which seemingly ‘top-down’ cognitive functions can be triggered in the absence of conscious awareness. Currently my research focuses on exploring the kinds of processes that can be carried out outside of awareness, as well as the impact that non-consciously perceived information can have on our decisions.

For publications and further info, see Brenda’s ResearchGate profile.


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