Current Collaborator & Former Research Fellow

Dr Andrew Bayliss, now leading a lab at the University of East Anglia.

PhD Graduates

Dr Brenda Ocampo

Dr Merryn Constable (supervised by Andrew Bayliss)

Dr Hayley Colman

Research Assistants & Undergraduate Research Scholars

Dr Will J Harrison, now a postdoctoral fellow at Northeastern University.


Left-to-right: Joe Pilgrim, Melissa Brinums, Adam Bulley, Danielle Brown, Emma Cameron

joe pilgrim photomel photoadam photodanielle brownemmalabportrait

Honours Students

Ned Chandler-Mather
Constance Chia
Emily Kilpatrick

Rebecca Moodie
rebecca moodie photo

Jessica Byrne
jess byrne photo

Tara Barton
Maddi Campbell
Rebecca Scott
Caz Adams

Tegan Schulz
Sarah Wong
Luke Welch – now studying organisational psychology.

Ashleigh Chant
Amy Isaacs
Robert S. Eres (below)- now a PhD candidate in Socio-Cognitive Neuroscience at Monash University in Melbourne.
Sam Sparks – now a PhD candidate at PandA Lab.

Emily Murphy (supervised by Andrew Bayliss)
Amanda Bentley
(Now Dr) Claire Naughtin (supervised by Andrew Bayliss)
Kat Stork-Brett (supervised by Andrew Bayliss)
Hayley Colman – now a PhD candidate at PandA Lab.
Amelia-Rose Read – now working in a clinical context.
Jacquline Lester

Jessica Bartlett (supervised by Andrew Bayliss)
(Now Dr) Nerisa Dozo
Laura McTaggart
Ashleigh Aramansco
Elisa Leong
Lauren Anscombe

(Now Dr) David Painter, now a postdoctoral fellow at UQ with the Queensland Attention & Control Lab
(Now Dr) James D. Retell – completed PhD at UQ with REAL.
Nicola Seage

(Now Dr) Cecily Brasch
Kirsty Lineham
Rebecca Williams

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